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Retiree Death Benefits

Many Sunoco retirees who are eligible for Retiree Death Benefits have not updated a Beneficiary Form in a very long time.  In the links below are the beneficiary form and Beneficiary Information to help clarify who can be set up as a Beneficiary (Example:  just listing “Trust of _____” does not qualify as a beneficiary.  If a Trust is truly a beneficiary, then the paperwork confirming the Trust’s existence along with the official Trust name, tax ID number, etc. must also be included).  If anyone has any questions about naming a beneficiary, they should reach out to The Hartford’s Customer Care group:  (888) 563-1124.  If anyone needs to verify whether or not they have a Retiree Death Benefit, then they should contact Kristi Granger at Energy Transfer Partners  (713) 989-7559 or Kristi.granger@energytransfer.com) 

Beneficiary designation guide

Beneficiary designation form

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