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Who do I contact with questions concerning my retiree medical plan?

Answer:  You should contact Retiree Health Access (RHA) at 1-800-426-4584 or www.retireehealthaccess.net/etp (This is a new website, the username from the old website will not work. On the lefthand side of the home page, you can register for online access to your personal billing information) .  Sunoco does not maintain information on your specific medical and prescription plan and will not be able to assist you with issues related to your medical plan.

What is Retiree Health Access?

Answer:  Retiree Health Access (RHA) is a fully insured medical plan sponsored by Sunoco for the benefit of its retirees.  RHA offers medical insurance through Aetna, and this insurance is available for pre and post-65 retirees who qualify under Sunoco’s retiree medical plan provisions.  Sunoco moved the retiree medical program to RHA beginning in January, 2011.  All medical related questions or concerns regarding your policy should be directed to RHA.

Who can I contact at ETP with life insurance questions, life insurance address changes or the addition/removal of a spouse?

Answer:  Kristi Granger 713-989-7559 at 1300 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002

Who can I contact for Pension isssues?      

Answer: All pension issues should be directed to MassMutual (phone number 1-800-775-4331 contract #TFO 45137)

Who can I contact for Medical benefits address changes and changes to dependents?

Answer:You must contact RHA concerning the addition/removal of non-spouse dependents. Sunoco does not provide RHA with information on non-spouse dependents.

Where do I receive my prescription benefits?

Answer:  RHA provides your prescription coverage through Aetna’s pharmacy division.  


I am a lump sum retiree and currently enrolled under my wife’s Medical and Dental plan at her company. If in the future we decide to come back under the Sunoco Medical and Dental plan is there a waiting period involved?

Answer: You can enroll in a Sunoco retiree medical plan during Open Enrollment. You may also enroll anytime if you lose coverage through your spouse’s employer plan. If this is the case, you must obtain a letter from your spouse’s employer (a HIPAA certificate) indicating that you lost coverage. There is no waiting period involved if you obtain this letter, however, you must enroll within 30 days of losing coverage in your spouse’s plan.  Failure to enroll within 30 days will result in your enrollment being denied.  You will then need to wait until the next Open Enrollment period to enter the medical plan. Sunoco offers Dental benefits for retirees through RHA.  Sunoco does not subsidize dental benefits.

I retired before I was 65, but will soon be 65.  How and when will I be notified of my medical insurance options?

Answer: If you are eligible for post 65 coverage, the appropriate paperwork will be mailed to you by Retiree Health Access (RHA) approximately one month prior to your 65th birthday. Separately, the Social Security Administration will send you information regarding enrolling in Medicare Parts A & B. Be sure to enroll in Medicare Parts A & B, but DO NOT enroll in the Medicare prescription drug program Part D.

If I elect a medical plan during an open enrollment period and later determine that it is not for me, can I change my plan?

Answer: You cannot change your medical plan election after the Open Enrollment period ends. 

I am changing plans during the Open Enrollment period.  What should I be aware of?

Answer: Do not schedule a doctor’s appointment during the first 10 days of the new plan period. It will take RHA at least 10 days to issue a new ID card. Without your new ID card, your doctor will not have enough information to process your claim. In case of a medical emergency, you should call RHA to have them verify coverage to your medical provider.

How am I invoiced for my retiree medical benefits?

Answer:  RHA sends invoices for medical coverage on a monthly basis.  You have more payment options than in the past.  These options include the ability to receive an on-line invoice and pay via automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account, or to receive a coupon book for the year.

What is the amount of life insurance to which each retiree is eligible?

Answer: Retirees with retirement dates prior to 1/1/75 receive $3,000.  Retirees with retirement dates between 1/1/75 and 7/1/2010 receive $5,000.  Those who retired after 7/1/2010 are not eligible for retiree life insurance coverage.

As a regular Full time employee, I have questions about the Aetna Dental mailing.  Who can answer my questions?

Answer: Only Aetna can answer your questions.  Log onto www.vitalsavingsbyaetna.com or call 1-866-368-4825 as stated in the letter.  Sunoco neither maintains information on this plan nor is able to answer questions.  Remember, this is not an insurance plan, it is access only to the Aetna Dental PPO.

Direct Deposit - My retirement check is mailed to me each month. I understand that Sunoco can deposit my retirement check directly in to my bank account. Is this option still open to me?

Answer: Having your retirement deposited directly in to your bank account is an option that you can exercise at any time. This Direct Deposit option is safer and more reliable than having your retirement benefit mailed to you as a check (no more lost or stolen checks). If you elect Direct Deposit, your monthly retirement benefit will be deposited in to your bank account on the last business day of the month. These pension issues should be directed to MassMutual (phone number 1-800-775-4331 contract #TFO 45137) 

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