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Positions and Responsibilities (Addendum to Bylaws)

Program Chairman

  • Coordinate luncheons including menu selections and interactions with the caterer
  • Arrange speakers and event program

Membership and Event Administrator

  • Process luncheon reservations, dues, and donations
  • Record income
  • Enter manual additions/corrections to membership records

Membership Software Application Administrator

  • Manage relationship with software/service provide and pay service invoices
  • Maintain the system as lead system administrator and adjust configuration of the site
  • Resolve member problems with the site in conjunction with Web Administrator and Membership Administrator
  • Assist in creating extracts and reports needed to support the organization
  • Periodically update the member database with new retirees from Sunoco feeds

Donations Administrator

  • Solicit members for organizations that are worthy recipients for food cupboard
  • Proactively nominate organizations for the board to consider for donations
  • Screen requests for Food Cupboard donations and requests for donations to other charitable organizations
  • Arrange board approval and payments to designated organizations

Website Administrator

  • Maintains the web site content and adjusts the site for navigation and content
  • Updates the site with Sunoco content and DVSA information
  • Assists members in the use of the site and helps in resolving issues

Sunoco Liaison

  • Maintains relationship with key Sunoco Sponsors
  • Assists Program Chairman in securing speakers from Sunoco
  • Leads in the solicitation of newly retired Sunoco employees to communicate DVSA membership

Past President

  • Nominate board members

Vice President

  • Fill in for duties of the President
  • Run special projects for the DVSA organization

Newsletter Editor

  • Prepares newsletters for board review after soliciting articles from board and member
  • Creates the newsletter in Word and publishes it as a PDF document to the website administrator
  • Creates the PDF document for the printer to mail to members who still receive a paper version


  • Pays all bills on behalf of the organization
  • Verifies payment receipts and balances all bank accounts
  • Prepares Quarterly financial reports on sources and uses of funds


  • Keeps all minutes of Board Meetings and official communications of the organization
  • Works with Sunoco Liaison and Membership Administrator to attract and retain members to DVSA
  • Works with Sunoco Liaison to process quarterly retirement list and other data from Sunoco

Volunteer Coordinator (proposed position)

  • Works with Sunoco and solicits volunteers to work with community organizations that are consistent with the Food Cupboard objectives
  • Coordinates with the Sunoco Serves Group to make sure the website has the correct and complete volunteer information
  • Promotes volunteerism within the DVSA to help retirees and alumni contribute back to their community


  • Recruited annually as independent oversight of DVSA income and expense statements
  • Issues written audit findings and recommendations to the Board for approval and implementation as needed at the end of each fiscal year





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